Meetings with Ms Cupcake

The first time I tasted Ms Cupcake’s concoctions was during a weekly team meeting which also doubles up as a cake session; a kind colleague went out and bought me a vegan cupcake specifically as my no egg requirement, by now, rules me out of any cake eating. Except for a few biscuit or fudge alternatives which crop up on the table.

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Summer Holidays & Vegetarian Travel: Prague

With Spring behind us and the return of sunny blue skies (well, we can wish), thoughts of where to spend your hard earned holidays begin, among other concerns: Can I manage a holiday this year? Where do I want to go? And, the all important question: when I get there where can I eat?  For most Brits, hopping over to the continent is the most common option and here at Veg Rev we can recommend a few veggy friendly cities to explore! So here goes…

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‘Off the Chain’

The Canteen Cafe in Canterbury  Off the Chain- do we mean dead cool, rad, amazing? In many ways, yes.  Off the Chain to us Veg Revvers means little cafes and restaurants that are not part of the big chain industry that is taking over our high streets, retail industry and also many restaurants. We just […]

Oh, Sugar! Is it suitable?

Do you like one or two spoons in your daily brew? Whether you like your tea or coffee sweet or bitter, chances are, a bag of sugar sits in your cupboard awaiting use. White or brown, granulated or caster, sugar has transformed our food and palette. ‘King Sugar’, as it became known, was a driving force in the expansion of Empire, and not just Britain’s. And it still reigns supreme. But not all varieties are vegetarian or vegan. Are you falling into the sticky trap and buying sugar which isn’t suitable?

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Chain cafes…which is the best for veggies?

Here at Veg Rev we like to weigh up the best places to shop, eat and grab a coffee for fellow veggies out there. The big chain phenomenon has taken over the UK high-street – on pretty much every corner you will see a Starbucks, Nero, Costa or Pret a Manger. They’re not just a glamorous watering hole or designer coffee heaven, but they also offer a range of paninis, wraps and soups for hungry consumers! But which of these big shots caters for veggies the best? Read on for more…Read More »