Christmas: Savoury treats


So, that time of year has rolled around again – the time for festive fun with friends & family get togethers & feasting! In the run up to Christmas, a whole host of seasonal goodies and treats are available for all those seeking a little bit of indulgence (veggy style!). Us Veg revvers love a bit of that and are going to share some of our favourite sweet and savoury treats for the Noel season.


Marmite Twizzles (©Veg Rev)

These babies are so yummy and addictive. Note, do not consume if you don’t like Marmite!


– Marmite (aka king of the spreads)
– puff pastry (pre rolled sheets if possible)
-a bit of sunflower oil


1. If you’re not using pre rolled puff pastry then roll thinly (to around a few mm’s thick).

2. Cut the sheet of puff pastry in half.

2. Get your trusty Marmite and a buttering knife and get spreading to one half. Apply an even layer of Marmite across the puff pastry sheet, leaving one without any on.

3. After lathering on the Marmite to one half, place the remaining other half straight on top (as if putting 2 slices of bread together).

4. Next, cut the pastry into strips of a few cms thick. Do this for all the pastry.

5. Now comes the fun, pick up the strips and twist until the strips form little twizzled shapes.

6. Using a little sunflower oil, grease a baking tray and place the twizzles on the tray.

7. Cook for around 20-25 mins in the oven until lightly golden at gas mark 5-6/180 degrees.