Locatelli does FoodCycle!

Think stars, Michelen ones to be exact; think charity, the alleviation of food poverty to be precise. Think recycling, specifically supermarket food waste saved from the dump and you’re getting there.

 Where? Giorgio Locatelli and FoodCycle teaming up in an empty industrial kitchen to create a 5 course vegetarian bonanza. Excited? So were we when we heard about it!

FoodCycle have been around for a while now, pioneering a creative vision of using copious amount of fresh produce chucked away by British supermarkets up and down the country, and making healthy and nutritious meals with the food in empty industrial kitchen spaces. Volunteers cook and serve the food to needy recipients and it’s all free of charge. They started in a few locations across London and have now spread around the UK. It’s very heartening to see such good ideas and good will become a genuine success. Such a success that they attracted the attention of top Italian chef, Giorgio Locatelli.

Locatelli is the bearer of Michelin stars and, along with his wife, runs ‘Locanda Locatelli’ Restaurant in London where they champion a no-waste policy: “Here at Locanda Locatelli we enforce a policy that keeps waste to minimum/zero level. If I can do anything to promote awareness about the food wastage issue then I will do it and FoodCycle is a worthy cause.” He was challenged to come up with a vegetarian meal with only 24 hours notice of the ingredients list. Such is the nature of supermarket rubbish I guess. Originally the challenge was for Locatelli and co to serve up a 3 course all veg meal but, instead, punters got 5 courses not 3. Sadly, we can safely assume that eggs were used in a few of the dishes served, but it’s a step on the right path. With no further ado…:

Roasted vegetablie ‘pinzimonio’* with bread sauce


Puree of dry broad beans, red onion sautee with soft vinegar


White onion and pumpkin tart with pine kernels


Warm salad of potato and button mushroom, green sauce


Oven baked pasta with spring vegetables


Bannoffee tart

Veg Rev gives a big thumbs up for this charitable, ethical and vegetarian dynamic combination that was completed earlier this month. It goes to show how more and more people are becoming aware of the food industry and it’s casualties and, importantly, the merit of a vegetarian lifestyle. Top chefs are no longer dismissing the greener variety.

Also, food waste has been on the political agenda. Recently, an all-party parliamentary initiative and proposed bill to drastically reduce supermarket food waste in Britain was put forward. It’s encouraging news to hear that no matter where politicians sit on the political spectrum, agreement exists that the scandalous wastage of perfectly eatible food, lobbed out by Britain’s supermarkets each year, needs to change.

It’s thanks to the efforts of Locatelli and FoodCycle that the profile of vegetarianism and food recycling is growing.

Check out FoodCycle here for more information!

*If anyone was wondering what pinzimonio is, it’s an assortment of usually fresh, uncooked, vegetables chopped into bite size pieces.