The Albion Hotel, Broadstairs: Guaranteed to make Vegetarians Check Out

The Albion Hotel sits in an enviable position on the top of the cliffs hugging the bay of Broadstairs, with an unspoilt view across the expanse of the sea. In the summer guests and locals alike can while away a few hours on their veranda and terrace enjoying that gorgeous view, or, in the colder months lounge inside in the cosy, if quite typical, modern take on Victorian decor. Perhaps a light lunch would go well with your beverage of choice?

For those vegetarians who, like myself, ascribe to a lacto-vegetarian diet meaning no meat, fish and eggs, this is definitely not the place to go if you want to eat something substantial. It oozes boring and typical ‘British cuisine’ with a few feeble forays into Mediterranean and, interestingly, Moroccan/Middle Eastern cuisine. They had a Mediterranean platter to share which was suitable and looked quite appetising and there were a few bruschetta options to keep us veggies fairly satisfied. The mains menu was, however, pretty sparse. I thought the light at the end of the tunnel may have been their falafel offering. But, from experience, I know that it’s necessary to check if they contain egg, although not part of traditional falafel recipes. Upon asking one member of staff we were told it does not contain egg. Great, we thought, problem solved. But, no. Don’t make the mistake of going to The Albion on a Sunday- they’ll refuse to cook anything not on their Sunday menu which means every vegetarian in the building will go hungry!

Requesting for the falafel option to be kindly made blew their cover; a different member of staff proceeded to informs us that, in fact, the falafels did contain egg. So, after their absolutely appalling attitude towards vegetarianism, which VegRev established in their previous post, is not on the fringes of society, we left. Not before a fellow vegetarian stopped us after over-hearing the dialogue with Albion staff; he expressed his shock on the misinformation provided, particularly because his wife, a vegetarian too, actually suffers from an egg allergy. His words were: ‘it’s awful for vegetarians here’ and we have to agree.

Albion Hotel, we don’t know whether you’ve been hiding under a rock for quite some time but vegetarianism is followed, in some form or another, by millions of Britons; please, try and treat us with some consideration!