Strength in numbers

Worried that vegetarianism still exists as a fringe group on the edge of ‘normal’ society? Think again! Watch the video in this post to discover how many great minds have committed to vegetarianism; from some of the most influential figures of the 21st century like Steve Jobs and Brad Pitt, to the most famous brains in all of Western history like Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Darwin.

They all seem to have something in common, at least to the Veg Rev team- outstanding intelligence which has significantly contributed to human knowledge and advancement and, of course, amazing (and often, creative) talent. Not to mention good looks. So, next time somebody tells you that you’re the first vegetarian they’ve met and look at you like an alien visiting from another planet, you can act surprised and drop a few names here and there. They don’t know that so and so was a veggie? Oh dear.

There’s also many other vegetarians which haven’t been added to the list in the video and I just couldn’t by-pass them. With hope, many more will be added and Veg Rev will have to keep updating the list in the growing family of vegetarians! So, here’s a few I’ve remembered that weren’t there and which you can add to your memory stock when you need to do the all important name dropping:

Natalie Portman (actress), Allen Ginsberg (American poet), Henry David Thoreau (student of Emerson), Bob Marley (I don’t need to explain who he was here, do I?), Kristen Stewart (actress), Darkest Hour (musicians), Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Aristotle (how could they have forgotten him?), Ashley Judd (actress), Bill Clinton (Former U.S. President), Bob Dylan (musician), Brandon Boyd (frontman of band Incubus), Brigitte Bardot (French actress), Casey Affleck (vegan & we know who his brother is so..), Charlie Watts (drummer of Rolling Stones), Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay), Christian Bale (actor), Claudia Schiffer (supermodel), Drew Barrymore (actress), Dustin Hoffman (actor), Elijah Wood (Frodo! ahem, actor), Emily Dickinson (American poet & author), Vanilla Ice (ice baby…), Voltaire (French philosopher), Reese Witherspoon (actress), Plato (Greek philosopher, student of Socrates)…

Literally, I could go on and on and on and on. And I think I did. I have to admit that I caved and consulted Google after my memory failed. But the point is so many idols intellectual, political and celebrity alike are, or were, on the vegetarian/vegan bandwagon. Try for yourself and google famous vegetarians/vegans. There are SO many. And on that note I’ll leave this post: we are not alone.