Two Rabbits Hopped to ‘The Hutch’

My boyfriend and I visited Canterbury’s first  vegetarian restaurant ‘The Hutch’ for a three course meal and here’s my review of it! Read on…

For starters

I had the ‘Detox Salad’ which was really scrummy for a salad and I found it filling. They chose to put smoked tofu, grated ginger, some seeds and nuts, along with a twist of zesty lime on top. The flavours worked very well together – they were really quite strong and hit your taste buds. Unusual for a salad, which is what I loved about it – it was not boring!

My boyfriend had the soup of the day, which was spiced pumpkin soup with a homemade roll and wow, was it just amazing. The soup was really smooth and was flavoured to perfection – delicate, yet strong, it really was delicious. Thumbs up!

The main meal

We both ordered the same dish – the tagine of tomatoes, aubergine, chickpeas, green olives and couscous served with flat bread and homemade harissa paste. At first I found the taste of this quite strange, definitely not unpleasant – just different. It was served with toasted almonds on the cous cous (I would have preferred a bit more cous cous on the side) which you could mix into the tagine if you wanted. It was like a stew and was very warming for the wintery weather at the moment.  I warmed up to it and really enjoyed it after I got used to the taste.


I ordered a roasted pear with rice pudding and ice cream (which was vegan). Again, this was nice – however I felt that the dessert could have been more flavourful or sweet. Also, I had to have the vegan ice cream – there was no egg free option. This wasn’t a big deal for me cos I loved the vegan ice cream they used (if my taste buds are correct it was the Swedish Glace vanilla ice cream). They gave a slightly measly amount of ice cream – I would’ve personally preferred more to break up the rice pudding. But that’s just me!

My boyfriend had the chocolate and hazelnut espresso cake with whipped boozy cream. It had egg in, so I didn’t try it, but he reported that it was really yummy. I tried the cream (it was in a separate dinky dish) and it tasted heavenly!


Yes, I didn’t forget the all-important drinks! I had a lovely house white wine that was suitable for vegetarians (of course). It was  delicate and went really well with the meal. I also ordered rose lemonade which was gorgeous. Their drinks selection is very good – alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Overall, I would highly recommend this restaurant. The service is very good – they’re friendly and welcoming, and answered all questions I had about the food. It’s a really cosy and intimate restaurant – perfect for a romantic couple’s meal, or a good catch up with friends. I saw a variety of clientele in there and they’re very busy – it doesn’t surprise me. Canterbury was well overdue a decent veggy restaurant! This Veg Revver will definitely be coming back for more soon. Visit their website to find out more about them and their menu here

Check out their reviews on Trip Advisor!


One thought on “Two Rabbits Hopped to ‘The Hutch’

  1. Love the extensive information provided on your web-site. Also the fact that you are challenging large supermarkets regarding their labelling ( or lack of it) for vegetarians/vegans , who have long lamented that their dietary requirements are just not fully catered for. Long live the veggie revolution!

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