Cafe Mauresque…left us wanting more

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Both of the Veg Rev team went to meet up with friends for lunch a few weeks ago in Canterbury, Kent. Café Mauresque was suggested by our friends and, after checking out their menu online, we were satisfied with the veggie options and looking forward to sampling their offerings. Café Mauresque is in a prime location up one of the small streets which flow down to the very heart of Canterbury- its Cathedral. The interior (and exterior) is nicely decorated with Moroccan/Turkish-style tiles, metal lamps and dark wood tables and chairs. They have an upstairs and downstairs dining space; we sat downstairs and felt cosy with the soft lighting from the lamps and the plushy cushions.

The Menu

After ordering a nicely chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (reasonably priced) we selected a main course. As it was lunch we didn’t feel in the mood for a starter as well. It took us all a while to decide as the menu offers a great variety for vegetarians and, although our friends aren’t veggie, they opted for a non-meat meal. The Veg Revvers both ordered the same dish- a grilled haloumi brochette with couscous and vegetable stew and our friends the vegetarian tapas — hummus, tabouleh, and aubergine stew.

The Meal

Our dishes arrived pretty promptly and we tucked in. The portion sizes were very generous and the food had a home-cooked, wholesome quality. The grilled haloumi brochette had a very, well, grilled flavour and each piece of haloumi was flanked by plump and juicy olives. We were given a mountain of couscous which came with a lightly spiced sauce to drizzle over at your liking and the vegetable stew was hot, chunky and earthy. The saltiness and chewiness of the haloumi worked well with the softer texture of the couscous and the fresh stew. Our friend’s dish, if I’m honest, looked even more delectable than the Veg Rev selection. The vegetarian tapas arrived with crispy hot flat bread, and large cubes of feta sat invitingly on top of the aubergine stew. The aubergine looked to have been roasted or sautéed and was rough and chunky. Their bowl of hummus was also generous in size and the tabouleh (a popular Middle Eastern salad) looked very fresh and zesty.

To finish off we took a traditional fresh mint tea with sugar which came in a traditional Middle Eastern metal tea pot and small glasses. One drawback: the mint was fresh but the only selection of sugar was white and came in those little paper sachets. I would have preferred a grainer brown sugar myself.

Give it a go

Café Mauresque does Middle Eastern, Spanish and Moroccan cuisine very well. There’s an abundance of vegetarian options and the prices are extremely reasonable for the portion sizes. If you like good, honest and well-cooked food then it’s definitely worth a visit. Want to hear about other people’s experiences? Check out the reviews from visitors here at TripAdvisor– other veggies have also given it the thumbs up!


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