Sacla hasn’t sacked the idea of vegetarianism after all…

sacla organic pesto

Source of the image

Read the fine print: Organic IS veggie, classic is NOT veggie

Now I’ve had green pesto before but had to stop eating it as there was a shortage of vegetarian options on the supermarket shelves. I have a fuzzy recollection that, at some point, I did once eat Sacla pesto but…was suddenly unable to. But we can now rejoice that Sacla have produced a basil pesto which we CAN consume with one little difference: the organic basil pesto has ‘medium fat hard cheese’ and the classic one ‘Pecorino Romano cheese’ and ‘Grana Padano cheese’ (which CAN be veggie…but probably isn’t here).  It was thanks to my boyfriend that this little discovery shocked my world- he picked up the pesto and became excited that I could share it with him so he bought two lots. After having it for dinner last night I had to share the revelation. It really is all about scrutinising the label and reading the fine print. If you feel fanatical about this kind of thing like I do, go and check out the two pestos on Sacla’s website, with the Classic pesto here and the Organic veggie pesto, here  which has the magical ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’ label.

This little jar will make many a student happy when they have lots of studying and socialising to do and, therefore, not much spare time. Of course, you can make your own pesto which you’ll know for sure is suitable but it’s not very friendly on a student budget or for anyone these days with the fear of a double dip recession looming!

Buying Sacla pesto in the supermarket

I’m always in favour of making things fresh but for the sake of it let’s do a quick price comparison.


If you type ‘Sacla’ into Tesco online the entire range of Sacla pestos comes up but, don’t despair! I had to search until the VERY end and there the Organic basil pesto was. Tesco’s price= £2.49. Not exactly cheap, but…I guess we’re paying for the premium quality that is ‘organic’. The classic pesto is priced at £1.99. To view the range, click here. It is pretty extensive. Being veggie costs you 50p more!

What about Sainsbury’s?

Their prices were exactly the same as Tesco. Check it out. For me, it’s encouraging to see that both supermarkets stock the veggie option, so, thumbs up!

How does Asda fair?

Asda gets the big thumbs down. They don’t have Sacla’s Organic Basil Pesto so… vegetarians won’t be able to get their Italian pasta fix here I’m afraid. Boo! These are the Sacla products they DO stock (take note of the non-veggie Classic Pesto).

To conclude…

There IS a ray of light for the vegetarian Italian food lover and it should be on the shelves in your nearest Tesco or Sainsbury’s: herein lies a future conundrum. Sacla may have a veggie alternative, but is your local supermarket stocking it? Let us know!


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