The Veg Rev Mission

Hello and welcome to VegRev, aka, the Vegetarian Revolution Blog.

  • Who are we?

We’re two young, and commited, life long vegetarians who felt inspired to write and share our experiences about all aspects of vegetarianism.  At this point we should probably give you a definition of our vegetarianism; technically we’re lacto-vegetarians which means we don’t eat meat, fish OR eggs. But we do have dairy (only vegetarian though, of course). Together, we have 42 years in the business of being veggie, and 21 years individually. It’s a life time commitment which began at birth.

  • What do we do?

That’s an awkward one…we both graduated from university this summer with first class honours. Yay! But, basically, our dedication to all things veggie is like a full time job (which we’re finding hard to get right now…) Anywho, as VeggieRevvers we will be investigating, questioning and reviewing all areas of the vegetarian (and diet specific) lifestyle.

  • How will we do it?

By physically going into restaurants and perusing their menus, sampling their food and reporting back to you to let you know where is best to eat as a vegetarian. We will expose ourselves to all areas of the food retail industry and cast our critical (and carrot-bright) eyes over everything. We will be honest in our reviews of the most popular and most frequented chain restaurants and the independent, more individual, restaurants who continue to fight against the profit-driven and, quite frankly, American imported eateries. We will question why some restaurants in Britain acknowledge the existence of veggies whilst others do not. We will ponder the comprehensiveness of supermarket awareness (or lack thereof) of vegetarian products and options, including their labelling and advertising.

  • Where?

One day we hope to achieve success equal to world domination but we know that baby steps are a must at first. We’re based in the South-East of England and, as such, many of our reviews will be based around this area (specifically London). BUT, we will tackle national supermarkets, national (or even international) brands and restaurants. And, we won’t be limited by a silly little thing like distance. We’re lucky enough to have travelled a fair few places in our young lives and faced the struggle, or occasionally the delight, of finding veggie options. Want to know veggie friendly cities and countries? We’ll let you know as far as we can and tell you the best places to go based on our own personal experiences or from friends we know.

  • What about me?

We want to hear from you, yes, you! Got a great veggie or vegan recipe to recommend? We want to see it and hear about it- post us your photos and we’ll feature you in the recipes section. Have a certain supermarket or fresh food market that you go to and get some great veggie nosh? We want to know your favourites. Do you have a complaint that you’d like our support with? Or, want us to take it up on your behalf? We’re more than happy to keep banging on the drum of vegetarianism until we’re heard. We won’t stop. We will write off to food retailers and restaurants about your, and our, concerns. We won’t be deterred if we receive no response, we will simply keep campaigning. As William Hickson famously penned, ‘If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again.’


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