Negligent Nestle

Approximately three years ago we started investigating why both Nestle and Walls chose not consistently label all their food products suitable for vegetarians and we’re still no closer to a definitive answer. ImageRead More »


Fresh summer recipes

It’s that glorious time of year to experiment with fresh salads, new flavours and infuse some summer zest into your food. But that doesn’t mean that typical autumnal veg (often associated with Christmas or comfort food) should be shelved – rather reinvented! Here’s a summer flan recipe that we threw together with some left over veg.Read More »

A Beginner’s guide to vegetarian cheese

Happy New Year from us! It’s been far too long since we posted but I can assure you, one of our new year resolutions is to get back on the blogging bandwagon. So without further ado, given we’re far too late to regale festive recipes and feasts, I thought I’d start a New Year blog post on one area close to my heart: cheese. As a cheese hound and a vegetarian, I know first-hand that this is a viper in the nest you have to watch out for.

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Christmas: Savoury treats


So, that time of year has rolled around again – the time for festive fun with friends & family get togethers & feasting! In the run up to Christmas, a whole host of seasonal goodies and treats are available for all those seeking a little bit of indulgence (veggy style!). Us Veg revvers love a bit of that and are going to share some of our favourite sweet and savoury treats for the Noel season.Read More »

Olympian Challenge Part I: Veggie Eats in London on a Budget

Summer 2012, Great Britain’s great summer; millions are converging on London from around the world as we speak. Even if the weather’s a bit of a let-down, the vegetarian and vegan food on offer in London certainly isn’t. We’ll be doing a series on best veggie and vegan eats in London which should be on any vegetarian and vegan’s go-to list whilst in the capital, with a focus on tourist footfall areas.

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Quite frankly, Franco Manca

Franco Manca, Brixton, SW9
Franco Manca, Brixton, SW9 (Photo credit: Ewan-M)

So, I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that everybody loves a pizza. It’s virtually impossible not to! There’s a huge market for making a pukka pizza. There are pizzas and then there are pizzas– the unforgettable kind that you often revisit in your memory when you’re contemplating midnight snacks. Yeah – you know what I mean, those pizzas! Well, I was on a hunt in Brixton (the Veg Revvers have been frequenting there in search for alternative, good quality and cheap veggy/vegan food) to fulfil my pizza desires. I did a bit of googling on my phone and the worldwide web recommended Franco Manca as the place to get a pizza. In fact, The Observer claimed, if you’re going to get a pizza this year – get it at Franco Manca.Read More »